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South East Missouri Guided Duck & Waterfowl Hunting


 South East Missouri Guided Duck & Waterfowl Hunting

South East Missouri guided Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is one of the favorite pastimes of south east Missouri residents. It seems that only Missouri goose hunting can match the fun of duck hunting. For all those new to hunting Missouri duck and waterfowl, here is a duck hunting guide Missouri that will help you start bagging waterfowl and ducks as if you were playing Duck Hunter on a Nintendo.
1 – Getting your Permit
The first thing you need to do is purchase for a permit. The Missouri Department of Conservation provides Missouri waterfowl hunting permits to most people who wish to purchase one. Normally, permits can be purchased after July 1st every year.
2 – Acquire Information and Gear
Once you have gotten your license, you need to start learning about what ducks and waterfowls look like (if you didn’t already know), the best hunting methods, the permitted hunting areas and shooting times. Interested hunters should also learn about the many safety requirements. Not only will this keep them safe, but other hunters as well. Once you have acquired this general information, it is time to learn about your gear.

You need to read about the different type of shot guns, the camouflage, blinds, decoys and different types of non-hazardous loads that can be used. This will help you purchase the right gear. If you want to make this process easier, it is highly recommended that you bring some friends along with you; some friends that have gone duck hunting before. They will help you not only get the best deals, but you choose the right gear too.
3 – Target Practice
Very few people are a natural when it comes to shooting. That’s why skeet shooting before waterfowl hunting season starts is highly recommended. Fortunately enough, Missouri has a number of shooting ranges that charge very little. This makes target practice not only possible, but affordable as well.
4 – Make Friends
While you will definitely hear about people who go Missouri waterfowl hunting alone, the truth is that going with friends is a lot better. This is one of the and also one of the many reasons why people book with a duck hunting guide Missouri. Not only do they educate them about Missouri waterfowl hunting, and help them with the subject matter, they provide a friendly environment where you can hunt together with a group hunters.
5 – Bring it all in
Last but not least, you need to bring it all in. During the hunting season, you need to practice calling ducks and waterfowl, using your decoys to get them to decoys close and finally shooting them like there was no tomorrow.

The right friends, a few snacks, proper guidance, the right areas and some good shooting – is a combination for some of the best duck hunting you will ever do. Choose professional guided hunting service and you can enjoy waterfowl and duck hunting more than ever. Remember to stay safe and to hunt responsibly. Always hunt in designated areas , at designated times and pick your targets. This will not only help you get more kills, it will ensure you don’t end up in trouble.
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to get the Most out of the Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting Season


How to get the Most out of the Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunting Season

Spring Snow Goose Hunting  in Missouri

Missouri residents know just how great hunting is, especially when it comes to Missouri snow goose hunting. With spring just around the corner, it is time to gear up for another great Missouri goose hunting season. If you’re interested, this short spring snow goose hunting guide will show you how you can get the most out of the spring goose hunting season.
Prepare Beforehand
One of the best ways to enjoy goose hunting in Missouri’s fantastic spring season is to prepare beforehand. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary gear ready when the spring goose hunting season commences. Your typical gear includes:
Ø Camouflage – Essential to ensure that the snow geese do not spot you too quickly and fly away.

Ø Ammo storage – All ammo must always be kept in designated and protective storage away for moisture when not in use.

Ø Ammo – Always carry enough ammo to last a season.

Ø Hunting permit - Required.

Ø Weapon of choice - Shot guns are required.

Ø Cover – To conceal you until the geese are in range, whether it be blinds, netting or white cover suites .

Ø Decoys, such as full body or windsocks and electronic caller with goode snow goose sounds.
Take a Few Friends with you
A lot of people choose to go hunting alone. For some, it is the only way to minimize noise and ensure a good hunt. When hunting Missouri snow geese, you need to stay well camouflaged until the Geese are close enough to shoot. Until then, talking loudly and moving around a lot is not something you want to do.
If you really want to enjoy Missouri goose hunting, don't do it alone; always have a friend or two (hunting buddies) with you. This way, you can all enjoy the hunt and you will never be bored during the slow periods. Moreover, this also allows you to share your gear and divide the costs, making goose hunting not only fun but affordable too.
Join a Guided Hunt
Possibly the best way to enjoy everything that Missouri snow goose hunting has to offer is to hire a spring snow goose hunting guide. These guides will ensure that you never have to worry about any aspect of goose hunting. They will happily show you what you need to know about snow goose hunting, the gear required and how to differentiate between a snow goose and other types of geese.
But the best thing about guided hunts are that you go with a decent-sized party. You will receive all the help and encouragement you need, shoot all the geese you want and you will never be bored. However, you need to act fast to book.
Guided hunting parties are usually booked long before hunting season begins. This is due to the popularity of the sport in Missouri. It also helps to eliminate any confusions or delays that may appear later on when the spring hunting season starts. After all, you don’t want to miss out on this part of the  hunting season because you were late booking a spot in a guided hunt.
If you really want to enjoy everything Missouri’s goose hunting season has to offer, be prepared, grab a friend or 2 and/or join a guided hunt. Now all you will have to do is lock and load!.For more details visit



Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Helpful Tips for Planning a Successful Missouri Goose Hunting Trip

 A Successful Missouri Goose hunting Trip
Missouri provides some great opportunities for sportspeople who love goose hunting. Before leaving for a fall hunting trip, there are a few things you should do to make sure the trip will be successful.

Book Early
You'll significantly increase your chances of having a successful Missouri goose hunting trip if you take advantage of a professional goose hunting services. Not only will the guides have a better understand how the geese behave during hunting season, but they will also have access to many hunting areas you wouldn't otherwise be able to go. The professional goose hunting guide will also make sure that you're properly licensed to hunt in Missouri and will stop you from having bad encounter the local DNR.  The only problem with guided Missouri goose hunting trips is that there's a limited amount of experts. Their hunting date’s fills up fast, so you don't want to wait, contact them to book a trip as soon as you pick out your dates and preferred species.

Make Sure You’re Ready
The last thing you should do is just throw your things into the truck and hit the road for your guided Missouri goose hunting adventure. A couple of weeks before the hunt, you need to get out all of your equipment and really inspect it. Everything should be in great shape, if it's not, you need to pick up replacement hunting gear.

Bring Lots of Warm Clothing
It's simply not possible to go on guided goose hunting trip and not get a little wet and there's nothing that's more miserable than sitting around all day in a blind waiting for a flock of geese to decoy when you’re wearing wet, cold clothing. The best way to save yourself from such a fate will be tucking a couple extra pairs of socks and gloves into your blind bag before you leave the hotel. They don't take up much space and if you get wet, you'll be glad you brought the spares along.

Tucking one or two plastic bread bags into your gear will give you a quick fix if your boot develops a hole in the middle of your trip.  

In addition to making sure you bring warm clothes for yourself, make sure you also pack towels, blankets, and vest for your hunting dog. You don't want them to get sick or your vehicle totally wet while you’re on your Missouri goose hunting trip.

Expect the Unexpected and Never be Disappointed
No matter how well prepared you are, no matter how perfect the conditions might be, or how experienced your professional goose hunting guide, there's going to be times when you simply don't bag any geese. When this happens you shouldn't stress. Some of the best memories have been made on the days when there wasn't a goose to be found. These kinds of days provide the perfect opportunity to tell stories, enjoy the fact that you have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors Missouri has to offer, and to plan your next guided Missouri goose hunting expedition.  Luckily most good professional hunting guide services have very few of these days, but when dealing with wildfowl and Mother Nature you need to be aware that things can happen beyond any ones control.For more details visit

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What to Consider when Choosing and Setting up Goose and Duck Hunting Decoys

A good mix of Duck , Goose and Motion decoys  

If you have plans to take advantage of waterfowl hunting in Missouri, you're going to need some good decoys. The decoys you use will attract the birds to you, convincing them that it's a safe place to rest and feed.    Strong knowledge of how and when to use a goose or duck call and a knack for setting up the decoys will often be the difference between a successful hunt and going home with an empty bag.

Not only is proper use of a duck or a goose call needed but you will need to know when and when not to call.  Using a good quality goose or duck call can be a lengthy task to learn but an essential one. Do not pick your call up the day before your hunt; begin practicing long before the hunting day. Just like playing a musical instrument practice is required.  If you have never used a waterfowl call before you may want to try the services of a professional Missouri duck or goose hunting guide. Not only will they know how and when to use their calls but will happily help you become a better caller.

The most effective decoys will be made to look just like real geese and ducks. They'll be three-dimensional and should be life size. They're not necessarily lightweight, making them tough to carry long distances so having others join your group makes it easier to have a large decoy spread. Many hunters just opt to use a waterfowl hunting guide since they will already have all necessary decoys and equipment.

When shopping for goose and duck hunting decoys, you’ll want to but not only the most realistic models you can but ones that will last a long time.  This will aid you making your hunting area and decoys look as realistic as you can. The later the season gets, the smarter the birds become. If all of your decoys are in the same body and head position the birds flying overhead will grow suspicious and decide that something's off about the area, and can flair from your decoy spread.  Remember, the whole point of the decoys is to simulate a at rest feeding flock and it should look natural to the geese and ducks as they approach your spread.

Full Body decoys and flocked head floaters cost a bit more, and can be difficult to transport, but there is a reason most goose and duck hunting guides use them.  Most Missouri waterfowl hunting guides will point out it is also wise to have a few motion decoys or flags. The movement will also convince the wild birds that it's a real flock, just like having decoys with different head and body positions.

Don't wait until the last minute to set up your decoys. If possible try to do it hours before your hunt; you'll need to get up bright and early. You need to give yourself enough time to get to cover and settle in before the ducks and geese start to fly. If all this seems like just too much or the cost is a bit higher than you would like, you may wish to enlist the services of a professional Missouri goose or duck hunting guide service.   A Missouri waterfowl hunting guide will know how, when and where as well as providing all essential equipment needed for your Missouri hunting trip and make it a successful one to.  For more details visit