Monday, 30 September 2013

Count Down to Missouri Early Goose Season

 Count Down to Missouri Early Goose Season
NW Missouri Goose Hunting
Zero minus five days until the official start of the Missouri early goose season. It seems like just the other day we were unloading the trailers and looking forward to this day. Thoughts of last seasons guided goose hunts and the thoughts of see our hunters make all the work ahead worthwhile.

Almost two weeks ago the work really started after we went through all of our equipment. We touched up the flocking that was in need of repair on the heads and tails. Moving next to our 48 layout blinds we power washed and replaced the telescoping poles that were bent by hunters using them as supports. Luckily, as Kolpin was selling the final approach division, I purchased all the plastic end caps and push buttons they had on hand, making repairs possible.

Once we finished all the repairs to last season's equipment, the task of up dating and replacing began. Just like every season before, people like Bill of Dakota decoys. came the regular phone calls to. The best part of dealing with companies like there's once your order has been processed it’s only a few days before a tractor trailer shows up at the dock. Everyone is pretty much returned to childhood on Christmas mourning opening all the new decoys and blinds.

Now that all the decoys have been bagged, and the blinds are mudded and put in the trailers we have started to settle into our normal scouting mode. One here it will become second nature when not hunting or before and after the days work we scout. Reading reports for hunters in the northern tier states everything looks like we will have some good early Missouri goose hunting, but only time will tell. Until next Saturday all we can do is scout and watch the weather hoping for cool front to start moving the geese around looking for fresh cut crops.
Missouri Goose Hunting


Things that Will Help You Enjoy Missouri Snow Goose Hunting

Things that Will Help You Enjoy  Missouri Snow Goose Hunting
Hunters enjoying there snow goose hunting trip

Hunting is a passion for a lot of people all around the world. People who enjoy hunting love the surroundings which are beautiful and bountiful of their preferred game. Hunting snow geese is a lot of fun. Missouri snow goose hunting is famous all over the world for the adventures it offers. What makes Missouri snow goose hunting stand out is that it offers world- class hunting locations that are fun and yet thrilling.

Missouri is a state in the United States of America which is famous for the hunting it offers. Though many of types of hunting is available and conducted in this state, it is really famous for its spring snow geese which are available in abundance. In fact that is one of the reasons Missouri is on the world map! Because of the snow goose hunting adventures it offers. No wonder not only do people from the outside the state, but also people from outside the country come to hunt here! The local people indulge in it as it is quite a pastime.

The destinations and hunt varieties that Missouri snow goose hunting offers is mind-blowing to say the least. If you enjoy hunting at all, you are going to love it! If you have never really hunted before, then this is indeed the best place to start! You will have a lot of fun getting acquainted with goose hunting.

Missouri as a state has a high harvest rate for snow geese and that is the reason why it is so popular as a hunting location. If you are planning to enjoy Missouri snow goose hunting anytime soon, have a look at the following advice. It is certainly going to help you become a better hunter.

  • When setting out your decoys for snow goose hunting try to make them look natural and relaxed. Whether you are using full body or wind sock decoys, space them out in family groups this will definitely fetch you better results. A lot of hunters who don't know better bunch the decoys on top of each other. This is hardly the right way to go about it. Instead, spread the family groups a little distance from each other and make a lot, look like a lot more!

  • If you are on a Missouri snow goose hunting hunt on a windy day, then you may have to make some adjustments. The geese may land short of the decoys making it difficult for you to shoot them. That is why placing yourself at the head of your decoys better bet. Calling aggressively, though not necessarily more, also helps at times.

  • Last but not the least, everyone in your group should remain as still as possible until the geese are in range. Keeping absolutely still will ensure that the geese don't see the unnatural motion and go off somewhere else.

Enjoy your Missouri snow goose hunting trip in all its glory. If you are in the market for a professional snow goose hunting trip, seek the help of expert hunters with years of experience from

Monday, 23 September 2013

Get Ready to Start Your Next Duck Hunting Trip

Get Ready to Start Your Next Duck Hunting Trip

Hunter with his birds at the Missouri duck hunting club

If you’ve never shot in to a large group of, screaming birds decoying in to a harvested rice or corn field, then you have certainly missed out some amazing Missouri duck hunting opportunities. No matter if you have just started enjoying duck hunting trips or have been hunting those fast winged ducks for years, you would definitely know that Missouri is one great area that is full of hunting opportunities.

If you really love waterfowl hunting, then nothing can compare the adrenaline rush you get by observing a flock early in the morning. Before you leave for your hunting trip, check out the following guidelines so that you can have a jump on the hunting season.

Plan Your Hunting Trip

Sounds easy, right? The truth is that many times hunters don’t plan their duck hunting trips properly which can often lead to serious troubles. Take enough time to examine your hunting site. Figure out the flying and landing routines of ducks. Plan each and every element of your hunting trip so that you can shoot and bag more ducks.

Check Your Ammo

The weapons and ammo you choose for your hunting season can be a big problem at times. Opt for a shotgun that you can easily handle. Pick the ammunition that matches your shooting style.

Arrange Your Gear

Maintaining your gear is one of the most important preparatory steps as a little negligence can ruin your hunt. Check all your gear and equipment a few days before starting out on your Missouri duck hunting trip. Make sure that everything is proper, functional, and clean.Check your blinds, boat, dog, decoys, and calls as they must be in their optimum condition. Don’t have the required equipment? Don’t worry, join a duck hunting club.

Join a Hunting Club!

Think you can’t handle the scouting, long hours, or responsibilities of planning your own duck hunting trip, need a little help? Join a duck hunting club in Missouri. This is a good way to hunt ducks at very good locations . Missouri duck hunting clubs and guide services also offer guided  goose hunting trips so that you can join in and enjoy the fast paced action of the whole waterfowl hunting season. Such hunts are great fun and enable you to have a safe and entertaining hunting experience.
Start your hunting trip with fantastic determination. As soon as that first group of exquisite birds responds to your call, you’ll realize that the season has actually begun. The real question is, are you ready for the upcoming Missouri duck hunting season? For more detailed information visit

Monday, 16 September 2013

Train Your Dog for Some Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Action

Train Your Dog for Some Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Action
A Well Trained  Retriever After the Duck Hunt

Duck hunting alone can be quite challenging in winter especially when you have to retrieve a shot duck from the freezing cold water. In times like these, we wish you had a hunting dog; a four legged hunting partner would just swim out and bring the downed duck to you.

If you are thinking of going Missouri waterfowl hunting this winter, the good news is that you have a time to train your dog before the hunting season starts.

Time to Train Your Four Legged Hunting Partner

Here are some step-by-step dog training tips from a duck hunting guide in Missouri:

Choosing a Hunting Dog that Can take to the Water

Not all dogs are suitable for duck hunting in frigid temperatures. Make sure you choose from a water dog breed that can assist you in your duck hunting adventure. Some of the popular sporting dog breeds include Labrador Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay retriever and Golden Retrievers.

Introduce the Dog to Water

Since you’ll be duck hunting in wetlands with shallow and deep water, you must make your dog familiar with the water. You can do this by enforcing the idea that water is fun. For positive reinforcement, praise your dog when it enters and exits in the water.

Teach Obedience and Complex Hunting Commands

For calm and a pleasant hunting companion, you have to teach your dog both the obedience and hunting commands. These include sit, down, stay and of course heal. This will be time consuming but worth it. Teach each command separately one by one. Repeat the command over and over. Move to the next command once the dog learns the first command successfully. Then go back and reinforce all of the lessens and commands, while teaching back, fetch and here commands.

Make Your Dog Familiar to Decoys and the Scent of Real Waterfowl

This is an essential part of the training. You can’t miss this step! Here you need to help your dog differentiate between a decoy and a real duck. Even though you will be training your dog with a dummy often called a bumper, once your dog is introduced to a real duck wing or live bird it should never confuse the two again. Now train the dog to fetch and bring to you the scented waterfowl to hand while navigating around decoys.

Reward Your Dog to Reinforce Positive Behavior

This part of the duck hunt training is the real test. Here you will learn whether your dog is all set for the hunting expedition or not.  Have some friends join you on a training day, Throw a few bumpers with real wings attached out in water and on dry ground.  With your dog in heal and other people around as a distraction and the use of shot gun sounds and positive reinforcement, command your dog to fetch.  See if the dog brings retrieves the bumpers to you. If it does a good job, reward the dog to reinforce this behavior.  Remember to be careful, reward and use a lot of praise when introducing your dog to shot gun sounds the first time and until the dog has become familiar and unafraid of the loud sounds. 

Expose Your Dog to  Real life- like Scenarios

With the help of other duck hunters ,find a good practice ground and take your waterfowl hunting dog with you. Expose your hunting partner to the life-like scenario by using pen raised ducks with live fire over head. This will help prepare your dog for a life like duck hunting situation.    For more details on how to get in on the Missouri duck hunting action visit

Monday, 9 September 2013

Are You Ready For That Spring Snow Goose Hunt?


Are You Ready For That Spring Snow Goose Hunt?

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunt


Being prepared is the key to successful waterfowl hunting. This is especially true for spring snow goose hunting in Missouri. Go unprepared and you could end up spending long hours in the field, frustrated and without sleep. Snow geese are very quick in fleeing from predators and hunters which makes hunting them very tricky. So along with hard work, the right equipment and tested hunting strategies, here are a few professional goose hunting tips that you could use to improve your odds of success.


Find a Hot Field - The first step in snow goose hunting is to scout for fields where the geese are actively feeding. Once you do that, locate the owner and get the permission to hunt. Try and set the decoy by afternoon, for hunting in the evening and the next day morning. Usually, snow geese do not come back to fields where they have been shot. So if you do find a hot field, expect no more than 2 or 3 days hunting.

Setting the Field - Snow geese are smart and have good memory. They can get very good at finding signs of human activity. So park your vehicles away from the field and set up the field for hunting with at least 500 decoys. Professional goose hunting  guides usually use over a thousand to fifteen hundred decoys.
Be patient - Snows are known to change their behavior day after day. So your strategies and decoys may work one day and fail the next, do not get discouraged . Hunting snow geese requires a lot of patience and persistence but is worth it.
Experiment - One of the best ways to hunt snow geese is to think outside the box. Using the same old decoys and strategies is no good when hunting these birds, which also happen to be very quick learners. So don’t be afraid to experiment with new methods of hunting for improving your odds of success.
Go with a guide - Ideally, you can go snow goose hunting 2 or 3 times a year, but it can be a very expensive and a challenging activity. To be successful , you need to spend a lot of time scouting  and be very patient and persistent. The good alternative to a frustrating DIY hunting if you do not have the time to all the work required is to go on guided snow goose hunt, which can be cheaper in the long run and get as good or better results with much less work on your behalf.
Spring snow goose hunting, which is known as one of the most frustrating facets of waterfowl hunting, can be highly rewarding too, provided you are ready for it. So, are you Ready? For more details on how to get in on the Missouri snow goose hunting action visit

Monday, 2 September 2013

Live the Hunter’s Dream With Guided Goose Hunts

Live the Hunter’s Dream With Guided Goose Hunts

 Hunters with some of the Geese they got in Missouri

When it comes to action-packed and adventure hunting trips, nothing can beat the thrilling guided goose hunts offered in Missouri. Having the ultimate shooting sites, perfect weather conditions, and of course, waterfowl seasons, Missouri, rightly called The Show-Me State, is a haven for goose hunters.

Wonder how guided Missouri goose hunting is different from any other expedition? Imagine this. You are hiding and waiting in a harvested corn field while trying to scan the morning sky. Everything is quiet and then you suddenly hear melodious flying geese. Those few moments are hard to pass because you are not able to pinpoint the sweet-sounding birds. And then you witness the most amazing sight – the flock. The geese are coming your way. You hold your gun tightly. This is the moment when the unexpected happens. The flock spots you and breaks up. Going away from your reach, they take your excitement away.

Time to Get Excited

Don’t want to experience that dejection? Go on a guided goose hunting trip in Missouri as they are the best means to provide you with a lot of  fun and  thrilling action. Most professional goose hunting guides have extensive knowledge of hunting techniques, rules and regulations, and the surroundings you will be hunting. Even if you can find an incredible hunting site on your own, you may not be aware of its particular hunting rules. Local guides, on the other hand, can take you to the most astounding hunting locations, have all the required equipment and help you follow the most productive goose hunting practices.

No matter whether you are a seasoned goose hunter or just accompany your friends on a hunting trip, Missouri goose hunting can take your enthusiasm to its peak. After all, when expert guides are available to help you out, you can master the art of goose hunting in no time. They ensure to make your hunting trip safe and a memorable hunt that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Keep the Fun Element Intact

Guided goose hunts are undoubtedly the best way to get the most out of Missouri goose hunting missions. When accompanied by practiced hunting guides, you just don’t have to worry about any element of hunting. Their knowledge, experience, and hunting skills are enough to give you an unbelievable hunting experience. Get your guided hunt booked before someone else takes your spot.

Eager to enjoy every aspect of Missouri goose hunting? Go ahead, become a part of a guided goose hunt. Have a nice time hunting geese at the best locations of Missouri! For more details on how to get in on the action visit