Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What to Consider when Choosing and Setting up Goose and Duck Hunting Decoys

A good mix of Duck , Goose and Motion decoys  

If you have plans to take advantage of waterfowl hunting in Missouri, you're going to need some good decoys. The decoys you use will attract the birds to you, convincing them that it's a safe place to rest and feed.    Strong knowledge of how and when to use a goose or duck call and a knack for setting up the decoys will often be the difference between a successful hunt and going home with an empty bag.

Not only is proper use of a duck or a goose call needed but you will need to know when and when not to call.  Using a good quality goose or duck call can be a lengthy task to learn but an essential one. Do not pick your call up the day before your hunt; begin practicing long before the hunting day. Just like playing a musical instrument practice is required.  If you have never used a waterfowl call before you may want to try the services of a professional Missouri duck or goose hunting guide. Not only will they know how and when to use their calls but will happily help you become a better caller.

The most effective decoys will be made to look just like real geese and ducks. They'll be three-dimensional and should be life size. They're not necessarily lightweight, making them tough to carry long distances so having others join your group makes it easier to have a large decoy spread. Many hunters just opt to use a waterfowl hunting guide since they will already have all necessary decoys and equipment.

When shopping for goose and duck hunting decoys, you’ll want to but not only the most realistic models you can but ones that will last a long time.  This will aid you making your hunting area and decoys look as realistic as you can. The later the season gets, the smarter the birds become. If all of your decoys are in the same body and head position the birds flying overhead will grow suspicious and decide that something's off about the area, and can flair from your decoy spread.  Remember, the whole point of the decoys is to simulate a at rest feeding flock and it should look natural to the geese and ducks as they approach your spread.

Full Body decoys and flocked head floaters cost a bit more, and can be difficult to transport, but there is a reason most goose and duck hunting guides use them.  Most Missouri waterfowl hunting guides will point out it is also wise to have a few motion decoys or flags. The movement will also convince the wild birds that it's a real flock, just like having decoys with different head and body positions.

Don't wait until the last minute to set up your decoys. If possible try to do it hours before your hunt; you'll need to get up bright and early. You need to give yourself enough time to get to cover and settle in before the ducks and geese start to fly. If all this seems like just too much or the cost is a bit higher than you would like, you may wish to enlist the services of a professional Missouri goose or duck hunting guide service.   A Missouri waterfowl hunting guide will know how, when and where as well as providing all essential equipment needed for your Missouri hunting trip and make it a successful one to.  For more details visit http://www.showmesnowgeese.com/