Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Guided Snow Goose Hunting – Do’s and Don’ts

Guided Snow Goose Hunting – Do’s and Don’ts

Snow goose hunting requires shear will power and endurance. It needs early morning, hours of scouting, ungodly amounts of fuel and mileage, and moving thousands of decoys a day with small dedicated team of hunters all with one common goal. If you want to make use of the above arrangements effectively, then you should be aware of the do’s and don’ts during snow geese hunting. 

Do’s in snow goose hunting   

•    Hire an upbeat, passionate and experienced guide.

•    Have your license pre purchased on arrival and make the payment full in advance or upon arrival.

•    Ask your guide to carry a gun to help shoot cripples. You should expect to take 2-4 hours mid day break.

•    Have a group of six hunters. If you don’t have a group, ask the guide to place you with another group of hunters.

•    Be courteous to your fellow hunters and guide.

Don’ts in snow goose hunting

•    Never drink alcohol prior to or during the hunt.

•    Dodge shooting without the guide calling the shot. Also don’t over call; calls are most useful for calling in single goose or isolated pairs.

•    Never have more than 6 hunters in the field unless that has been addressed prior to the hunt.

•    Having expectations of shooting 100 snow geese per day is not likely on most days.

•    Don’t begin shooting while snow geese are still working. For maximum opportunity, wait until birds begin to land. 

Follow the above considerations and jumpstart your waterfowl season, extending it into spring turkey time. Have a happy hunting. For more details visit