Sunday, 16 June 2013

Useful Tips for an Adventurous Snow Goose Hunting

Going out for Snow Geese hunting gives great pleasure for waterfowl hunters. Getting into wetlands and rice fields for hunting waterfowl are the most exciting and remarkable experiences one can have. Tips on challenging snow goose hunting will allow you to increase your hunt harvest when you enter the wetlands next time.

- Picking the perfect place is an important factor that decides how successfully you’re hunt will be. A superb location is a supporting factor in hunting more geese. Choose a location having access to abundant food, under a migration route.

- Place the decoys at the right place where they can be easily viewed by waterfowl even from long distance. Avoid placing them near high grass and ditches which are areas where predators would frequent waterfowl tend to avoid these areas.

- Utilizing snow goose shells and full bodied decoys can also entice more geese, thus increase your hunt count. Whenever you place the decoys, make sure there are sufficient gaps between each decoy. This gives the migrating geese the appearance of a natural at ease flock increasing your chance for a great hunt.

- Remove signs of human activities like soda cans, shot gun shells, etc. Park your vehicles out of sight and away from the location. It’s believed that Snow geese have good memory and they will not return to a place, once they got shot at.

Hiring an experienced and passionate guide can help you achieve the very thrilling experience in your life. If you are new to the sport, guided snow goose hunting will be the right option you can make to enjoy goose hunting to its finest. You can also find lots of other hunting activates through guided hunting. For more details visit

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