Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Guided Missouri Duck Hunts are the Best


If you’re a fan of duck hunting and haven’t ever gone to check out the waterfowl in Missouri, you have no idea what you’re missing. The deep lakes and thick woodlands aren’t just window dressing. The environmental conditions are perfect for ducks. The birds are plentiful, and the conditions just challenging enough to be interesting. Fans of the sport often spend the entire hunting season in the state.

If you’ve never been gone on a Missouri duck hunt, the first time you should plan on getting the assistance of a guide. An experienced guide will do more than simply show you the most likely places to find birds, they’ll also keep you out of trouble.

Until you’ve been to Missouri it’s impossible to fully understand just how tricky the hunting conditions can really be. The rivers might appear to be quite and lazy, they might not even appear to be all that deep, but if you have to wade out to retrieve a duck your dog failed to retrieve, you’ll find just how deceptive those calm waters are. More than one hunter has lost their life to the strong undertow. The guide will be quick to warn you when it safe, and when it’s not safe, to remove yourself from the boat.

While a large chunk of Missouri remains public land, the areas where you can go duck hunting continue to get smaller and smaller. The Missouri duck hunting fines for shooting water fowl in a restricted area can be steep, and if caught trespassing and hunting on private farmland, you could find yourself in all kinds of legal trouble. A seasoned guide knows where you can and can’t hunt. They might even know some sights that the hunters who regularly come in from other states haven’t yet found.

Some guides work for hunting companies that have access to private land that only individuals who work with the guide will be able to use.

One of the biggest advantages of making arrangements for a Missouri duck hunting guide to help you, especially when it’s your first time hunting in the state, will be that they will make sure all of your paperwork is in order. When you first contact the hunting company and book a guide, they will tell you what agencies you need to contact, and what hunting permits you should have. If you intend to bring your bird dog along, let the hunting agency know. They will provide you with a list of vaccinations you dog should have before entering the state.

A week or two before you’re booked to leave on your Missouri duck hunting adventure, you need to get on the phone and contact the hunting agency handling the guided duck hunts and ensure that nothing has gone wrong with your reservation. For more details visit