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Get Ready to Start Your Next Duck Hunting Trip

Get Ready to Start Your Next Duck Hunting Trip

Hunter with his birds at the Missouri duck hunting club

If you’ve never shot in to a large group of, screaming birds decoying in to a harvested rice or corn field, then you have certainly missed out some amazing Missouri duck hunting opportunities. No matter if you have just started enjoying duck hunting trips or have been hunting those fast winged ducks for years, you would definitely know that Missouri is one great area that is full of hunting opportunities.

If you really love waterfowl hunting, then nothing can compare the adrenaline rush you get by observing a flock early in the morning. Before you leave for your hunting trip, check out the following guidelines so that you can have a jump on the hunting season.

Plan Your Hunting Trip

Sounds easy, right? The truth is that many times hunters don’t plan their duck hunting trips properly which can often lead to serious troubles. Take enough time to examine your hunting site. Figure out the flying and landing routines of ducks. Plan each and every element of your hunting trip so that you can shoot and bag more ducks.

Check Your Ammo

The weapons and ammo you choose for your hunting season can be a big problem at times. Opt for a shotgun that you can easily handle. Pick the ammunition that matches your shooting style.

Arrange Your Gear

Maintaining your gear is one of the most important preparatory steps as a little negligence can ruin your hunt. Check all your gear and equipment a few days before starting out on your Missouri duck hunting trip. Make sure that everything is proper, functional, and clean.Check your blinds, boat, dog, decoys, and calls as they must be in their optimum condition. Don’t have the required equipment? Don’t worry, join a duck hunting club.

Join a Hunting Club!

Think you can’t handle the scouting, long hours, or responsibilities of planning your own duck hunting trip, need a little help? Join a duck hunting club in Missouri. This is a good way to hunt ducks at very good locations . Missouri duck hunting clubs and guide services also offer guided  goose hunting trips so that you can join in and enjoy the fast paced action of the whole waterfowl hunting season. Such hunts are great fun and enable you to have a safe and entertaining hunting experience.
Start your hunting trip with fantastic determination. As soon as that first group of exquisite birds responds to your call, you’ll realize that the season has actually begun. The real question is, are you ready for the upcoming Missouri duck hunting season? For more detailed information visit

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