Monday, 30 September 2013

Count Down to Missouri Early Goose Season

 Count Down to Missouri Early Goose Season
NW Missouri Goose Hunting
Zero minus five days until the official start of the Missouri early goose season. It seems like just the other day we were unloading the trailers and looking forward to this day. Thoughts of last seasons guided goose hunts and the thoughts of see our hunters make all the work ahead worthwhile.

Almost two weeks ago the work really started after we went through all of our equipment. We touched up the flocking that was in need of repair on the heads and tails. Moving next to our 48 layout blinds we power washed and replaced the telescoping poles that were bent by hunters using them as supports. Luckily, as Kolpin was selling the final approach division, I purchased all the plastic end caps and push buttons they had on hand, making repairs possible.

Once we finished all the repairs to last season's equipment, the task of up dating and replacing began. Just like every season before, people like Bill of Dakota decoys. came the regular phone calls to. The best part of dealing with companies like there's once your order has been processed it’s only a few days before a tractor trailer shows up at the dock. Everyone is pretty much returned to childhood on Christmas mourning opening all the new decoys and blinds.

Now that all the decoys have been bagged, and the blinds are mudded and put in the trailers we have started to settle into our normal scouting mode. One here it will become second nature when not hunting or before and after the days work we scout. Reading reports for hunters in the northern tier states everything looks like we will have some good early Missouri goose hunting, but only time will tell. Until next Saturday all we can do is scout and watch the weather hoping for cool front to start moving the geese around looking for fresh cut crops.
Missouri Goose Hunting


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